Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lessons of the Laundry

Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving
and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever!
(Revelation 7:12 ESV)

Treasured friend,

Do praise songs ever get in your craw? Usually, I’m their greatest proponent. But today, they’re just bugging me.

It all started when I cranked up the MP3 player with Women of Faith praise music to accompany my strategic attack of the mile-high laundry bin. Down to empty drawers of all essentials, I knew it was time. Long past time.

When had I done laundry last? Oh, yes. I remember. I tossed in an enormous load of towels on my way to one of my parents’ doctor’s appointments last week. I’m a big part of their caregiving team—along with a great collection of doctors and nurses. But some weeks honoring the two people I love most in the world gets exhausting—and time consuming. Like last week, for example.

Let’s see, counting backwards. Friday: Dad’s endocrinologist for test results. Thursday: online getting his meds refilled. Wednesday: blood test and meeting with his cardiologist. Monday: that one wasn’t Dad at all – that was Mom’s dentist for emergency tooth repair, jammed in after the funeral for a friend of theirs and a quick lunch (You never know if you’ll be able to eat after the dentist.)

Yes. It was Monday when I’d dumped towels in the washer as I stumbled into the shower. Big mistake! Getting in the shower doesn’t require towels. Getting out does. Good thing I’d squirreled away a stash of old towels—too bad I’d shoved them in the back of the closet. Note to self: In future, hide a couple of less-ratty ones near the tub.

I remember not being a happy little clam that morning. A wet one. But not a happy one.

It’s all coming back. I shifted the load to the dryer as I grabbed my keys and purse and Dad’s handicapped parking tag. It was Monday. Here’s a dilemma to noodle on … If the dryer buzzer goes off and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, it wasn’t buzzing by the time I got home. I never did get around to folding those towels. I’ll have to do that now, if I want to put the next load in.

Where is that laundry bin? Oh yes, under the dark load. Move that batch over by the medium colors pile. Shove the bin over to the dryer. Open the door. The odor hits me before the light engages. Damp. It smells damp. Moldy, even. Looks like someone forgot to set the dial. I must have done it. Oh, Julie, you didn’t!

That was the very the moment when the Women of Faith wailed out: “You are worthy to receive glory, honor and power forever!”

Not the message I wanted to hear right then—and certainly not the one preparing to spew out of my mouth. But definitely the one I needed. Put it all in perspective, Julie. In the greater scheme of things, God matters, your family matters, your parents’ care matters, your work for the Kingdom matters, your laundry—well, not so much. I hate it when God preaches at me when I’m in a royal snit. But that’s what happened today—and it’s why some days praise songs really get in my craw.

Blessings and prayers,


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