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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

And There Were in that Same Country ...

Once upon a time, a time not awfully different from today, in a land not very far away, there lived a good king—a perfectly good king. From his tower high above the land the king looked down to survey his dominion.

First, he focused on his capital city. His eyes swept over the dusty cityscape. He saw the place his father used to live. He saw a man who worked in his father's house. This place and this man made him sad. Not for the first time, nor the last. And this is what he saw:

Treasured friend,

Our lives are defined, by and large, by mundane everydayness. Yet, we don't know from our limited earthbound perspective just when the eternal will break into our everyday--and take on a significance only heaven will allow us to know. What you've just read is the opening to our new book And There Were In That Same Country: A Christmas Story. 

We'd love for you to get this book for your family and enjoy it together this Christmas season. It will be releasing tomorrow on You can get it in time to share it on Christmas Eve. We think it'll become a new family tradition!

Let it remind you to be on the lookout for the eternal--it'll be there, mingled with your daily duties. If you're not attuned to it, you may never see it coming.

I pray for you a blessed season of preparing to celebrate Christ's incarnation.

Blessings and prayers, 

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