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Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Christmas -- Again!

Treasured friend,

It’s Christmas—or nearly so. And the Christmas story in one verse pretty much boils down to: 

GodsolovedtheworldthatHe GAVE … 

True, it's always been all about celebrating the giving of Jesus Christ as the sacrifice for our sin, the Savior of our souls. But what if the real meaning isn't about giving any more than it is about getting? What if the real motivation is hidden in that quickly glossed-over section of John 3:16:

For GOD so LOVED …

We suspect the essence of the story of the birth and death of the Son of God is wrapped in these words:
God loved. Because His heart beats with kindness, with compassion, with unmerited mercy, with amazing grace, with longing, with love for the helpless beings He created in His own image—He gave Himself away. But again, the giving away isn't the big story—it’s all about that amazing God-love that was fueling and underwriting it. In the same way, as recipients of the God-love in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, we gain the potential of reflecting and exhibiting that love.

Like you, we've had a challenging year—with lots of opportunities to show that love—along with grace and compassion. We've had the shock of a devastating diagnosis for Dad. We've had even more sadness as we've said, “Goodbye for now,” to several lifelong friends.

Like we said, we've had lots of opportunities to show love in our little circle this year. We’re asking for our heavenly Christmas gift to be all about expanding our capacity to love God and love others as God loves us. Our prayer for you is the same—that together we’ll be equipped to live this love so anyone who does not know God will see Him unmistakably in us.

A blessed Christmas from our house to yours! 

Blessings and prayers, 


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