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Friday, May 18, 2012

For Widows ... Wonderful Resources

As you know, occasionally I locate exceptional resources online that I pass along to you. This is one of those times ...

My friend and colleague Miriam Neff has created a line of resources especially for widows at Here you'll find lots of first-person stories, links to two books by Miriam on the subject, a DVD series, and more. She also includes resources on the site for churches to create ministries for widows.

Miriam was widowed at a young age, and she's created a community for those facing the same challenges she's facing -- younger and older -- a place of sharing, learning, and carving out new missions for life. She has a passion for missions among women in Africa -- and she's one who lives what she teaches.

If the mom you care for is widowed (or if you are), visit Miriam's site, glean wisdom and encouragement from her materials, and find a comforting place to express both grief and hope.

Blessings and prayers,